About Me

I'll soon be a Site Reliability Engineer at Google S.F., and at some point after that, a J.D. candidate at Harvard Law School. I've previously worked at companies like MongoDB, Facebook, and Two Sigma. I've been everything from a sysadmin to a full-stack web developer, but my heart lies in theory, distributed systems, and machine learning.

I'm a recent graduate of Brown University, holding both master's and bachelor's degrees in computer science. I was advised by Paul Valiant, and worked on modeling the neural dynamics of the cerebellum. I also studied theoretical computer science and systems extensively, and was a teaching assistant for many of my semesters at Brown.

I'm a coffee aficionado, enjoy cooking and baking (and, of course, the Great British Baking Show), and love playing squash, ultimate frisbee, and strategy games like StarCraft II. I split my spare time between reading about political theory and taking photos, and am always looking for new hobbies to try.

You can find my résumé here. I also occasionally write about politics and technology on my blog.