Ben Murphy

I'm currently a Site Reliability Engineer at Google in San Francisco, working on bringing reliability best practices to mobile applications. I've previously worked at companies like MongoDB, Facebook, and Two Sigma. I've been everything from a sysadmin to a full-stack web developer, but my heart lies in theory, distributed systems, and machine learning.

I graduated Brown University with concurrent master's and bachelor's degrees in computer science. I was advised by Paul Valiant, and worked on modeling the neural dynamics of the cerebellum. I also studied theoretical computer science and systems extensively, and was a teaching assistant for many of my semesters at Brown.

I've also been accepted to Harvard Law School's Junior Deferral Program, and am currently in my deferral period. My interest in law touches on topics such as privacy regulation, political and constitutional implications of modern technology, and political theory.

I enjoy cooking and baking with the many locally-sourced ingredients available in the Bay Area, in adddition to making coffee and mixed drinks. I spend much of my other time reading, playing games, and trying to grow an herb garden in an apartment with a north-facing window. When not trapped inside due to pandemic and wildfire, I also love traveling, backpacking, and photography.

I occasionally write about society, politics, and technology on my blog. You can contact me at [email protected]. My résumé can be found here.