I'm currently a student at Brown University, where I'm working on a concurrent master's and bachelor's degree in computer science, advised by Paul Valiant.

I've worked at companies including MongoDB, Facebook, and Two Sigma, and have also co-founded and worked at several startup companies. I've done everything from systems administration and production engineering to iOS development and full-stack web development, though my heart lies in distributed systems, machine learning, and privacy. I'll be joining Google as a Site Reliability Engineer next year.

I'm also an aspiring lawyer, and was admitted to Harvard Law School's Junior Deferral Program, where I intend on focusing on privacy law upon matriculation.

My greatest vice is coffee and good food, followed closely thereafter by gaming. I love to travel, shoot photos, and run. I moonlight as a debater for the Brown Debating Union.

You can a copy of my resume and transcript here. References are available upon request, as is an official transcript. If you're working on something interesting, reach out to me at [email protected].